Dear friends, writers, and advertisers of Victoria in Motion,

After 11 years, 42 issues, and thousands of stories, the time has come for Victoria in Motion to close its pages. 

This has not been an easy decision to make and it’s one that’s been made with heavy hearts, but it’s time. As often happens with projects, life changes and we find ourselves going in different directions. 

Ingra, my friend and partner in crime, accepted a full time position several months ago as an on-air personality and blogger for KIXS 108 radio station. Being Ingra, she’s throwing her heart and soul into her new adventure and has made the painful decision that her role as Assistant Editor with VIM combined with her new job, as well as being a wife and a mother to a freshman and senior in high school was too much and she needs to step down as Assistant Editor. We had many, many conversations on how to move forward, but in the end, we decided to retire VIM the way we started VIM… together!

We have poured our heart and soul into VIM and we can't thank the community enough for their love and support these last eleven years. It's been a wonderful adventure and we are so thankful to all the people who believed in our VIM vision and joined us in our journey as writers, advertisers, photographers, and readers. Every one of you touched our lives and the lives of the people in our community in a way that I think has changed us all for the better. So, THANK YOU!! Thank you for believing in us and for believing in our community. 

To all of you, especially those that had contributed articles, and are faithful advertisers, we had hoped to do a “Farewell” issue, but unfortunately the economic climate has made that impossible in the short term and neither of us had the heart to drag the process out any longer than we already have. This is our only regret. We are, however, pleased to be able to present our last issue online. For those advertisers who had already committed to having an ad in this issue, we will be including it in the on-line addition at no charge. The online issue will be available the first part of July.

We are off to our next adventure and wish each of you all of the love in the world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.