Our Editorial Vision

Victoria in Motion is written, designed, and published 100% by Victorians for Victorians. We love our community and everything that it has to offer! In our everyday lives, local and national news bombards us with the negative, with Victoria in Motion, we shower you with the positive! Life in Victoria is VIBRANT, PROGRESSIVE AND EXCITING! That’s what Victoria in Motion is all about! It’s Victoria Celebrated.

Victoria in Motion is the brainchild of Cheryl Johnson, owner of Outburst Advertising, and Victoria in Motion Assistant Editor, Ingra Sparkman. Along with the artistic staff at Outburst Advertising and local, guest columnists, we showcase Victoria's uniqueness, spirituality, and quirkiness in a way that will entertain, enlighten, and challenge you. Published by Outburst Advertising, Victoria in Motion is powered by an organization that understands what it takes to produce a successful publication designed to get results for its advertisers. We understand flow, content, and successful advertising, and we look forward to putting that power to work for you and your business.