What's in VIM?

Every aspect of Victoria in Motion is designed to highlight your advertising message!
First, every issue of Victoria in Motion is packed with over 30 unique and original stories designed to draw our readers through the publication as they spend quality time on each and every page. The number one comment we receive about the magazine is that our readers read it cover to cover.
Every article in Victoria in Motion is chosen based on two criteria:
1) It must be positive and uplifting
2) It must showcase an aspect of the Victoria community
All articles are written by our editorial staff along with local, guest columnists and cover a gambit of subjects including people, businesses, events, history, health and wellness, and human interest. Additionally, each issue features the community’s most complete and comprehensive calendar of events. This keeps Victoria in Motion around for months after the last article has been read as our readers continue to use it as a resource for planning their outings and activities.
Second, unlike most publications, Victoria in Motion doesn’t have page after page after page of advertisements. We limit our advertising messages to 40% of the magazine. This means that rather than getting lost in the advertising clutter, your ad will stand out and be seen, and less clutter means more results!
Lastly, because our mailing list is designed to target a specific demographic, you know that your advertising message will be reaching the people that will be most likely to respond to your advertising message!