Ad Details

Companies wishing to provide finished ads are requested to supply them using the following criteria:
• Images must be CMYK and at least 300dpi
• Please send flattened files only
• Please convert all text to vector curves
• Finished ads must be correctly sized
• Ads can be submitted on CD, USB Drives or via E-mail

Live Area: 7.5 x 10
Trim Area: 8.5 x 11
Please include .25 bleed area all the way around the ad

Half Page
Live Area: 7.5 x 5.0
Vertical or horizontal

Quarter Page
Live Area: 3.5w x 5.0h


LIVE AREA - The area on a page where you can safely place body copy or other important information.
BLEED - Extra image that extends beyond the edge of the page. When trimmed this ensures that the ad will not have a white line down the edge due to cutting variations during printing.
TRIM - The edge of the printed page after the bleed has been cut off. All measurements indicate trim in inches.


FALL 8/15 8/15 9/1 10/1
WINTER 11/15 11/15 12/1 1/1
SPRING 2/15 2/15 3/1 4/1
SUMMER 5/15 5/15 6/1 7/1